This is the official web site for the Stanhope Lodge no 1269 consecrated at the Thicket Hotel, Anerley, London. SE20.



The Thickett Hotel building is still there except that now it has become flats. This happened about 5 years ago. During the 1800s and into the mid 1900s the Hotel did have Lodges and indeed LOIs meeting there. One of which the, Penge Lodge 1815 brought the funiture for the Lodge room from us. This consisted 3 Pedestals and Dias and sounding blocks and 3 Chairs, a 3rd degree sheet with Lantern?, 2 Deacons Wands with Silver emblems, 3 Mahogany candlesticks, 2 Wardens columns with globes,  The Penge Lodge 1815 has closed so I am unable to contact them to see what we could perhaps get back

Meeting Dates  All the dates for this years meetings and what is happening
News  Lodge updates.
LOI ( NEW ) dates and work to be practiced   For those who attend the LOI at Greenwich and special events
History of the Lodge  Written by W Bro Stanley Tuckman PAGDCand updated by W Bro Tudor Morgan SLGR PPGReg
Past Masters and Offciers List of Past Masters and Officers from previous years some with photographs as well
Honours  Some of our members who have received Honours in London and the provinces as well as those honoured with Grand Rank
Stanhope Chapter  Information on the Stanhope Chapter one of the oldest still in existence News and information from the Chapter attached to the Lodge


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