Next Meeting is in October

The Origins of the stanhope chapter



Consecrated on the 18th September 1873

If you have any enquiries about joining the Stanhope Chapter please contact the Scibe E by e-mail on
Meetings of the Stanhope Chapter take place on the 1st Wednesday in April, 4th Wednesday in June and the 3rd Friday in October (Installation)
With The death od both Ex-Comp John Pitts and Ex Comp Charlie Warman to the Grand Lodge above, Stanhope Chapter now finds itself in the strange position of having no members of the Chapter who are also members of the Lodge. As most Chapters rely on the associated Lodge to provide most of its members they are hoping that Stanhope Lodge Members will rally round to ensure that the Chapter continues as strongly as does the Lodge.

I attended the Chapter on July 25th and found that it had become as it once was a Chapter of friendship and laughter and fun. A far cry from that which some had left a few years back. This meeting was a white table meeting with the wives present at the festive board. For any Stanhope member, looking to join the Royal Arch, this is our Chapter. We should support it.

This page will provide Stanhope members with news of what is happening in the Chapter and it is hoped we will shortly also have a History of the Chapter to show as well.

In the mean time, if you are not a member of a Chapter and wish to know more, just contact either the or the