The Stanhope Lodge of Instruction NO 2

The history of the stanhope LOI

This page will enable members to see what is happening at the LOI


The Lodge of Instruction meets every Tuesday between the Months of August and June

October 8th Freemasons' Hall 7pm
October 15th Greenwich Town Social Club 7:30pm
October 22nd - Officers Night and final rehearsal Freemasons' Hall 7pm
November 5th no meeting  
November 12th  AGM Greenwich Town Social Club 7:30pm
November 19th  GP Meeting Freemasons Hall 7pm

A brief History of The Stanhope Lodge of Instruction Number 2

There are numerous theories on why there is a Stanhope Lodge of Instruction Numbered No: 2. They vary from   'The first one just disappeared' to 'The Good Hope Lodge took it over' (strenuously denied by their secretary). If any explanation is true it is, after consulting the records and talking to the secretaries of our daughter Lodges the first. What ever it is the Lodge of Instruction has since starting again in 1935 has been the engine room for the Lodge. Although it has had to move about the capital from time to time it has always found itself a home that members have been able to get to. 

Here we practice and hopefully perfect the next meetings work although in true Masonic style we acknowledge that not all can have that photographic memory so envied by us lesser mortals of those stalwart Past Masters who act as Preceptors. 

Our LOI by allowing EA to join and participate when possible, encourages  young Masons to participate in learning and discovering new aspects of the ceremonies as well as Masonic truths. While for the elder brethren and Past Masters it gives them a chance to help  those less knowledgeable than themselves. These worthy Masons, taking on the challenge of instructing the new brethren, are perhaps worthy of mention as without them the Lodge of Instruction would not exist. One such Past Master, W Bro J Pitt LGR, attended untill his 93rd Birthday regularly, taking an office when necessary and showing that one is never to old to learn. Although I expect he had forgotten more that most of us have or ever will know.

The LOI is also not restricted to Stanhope members and we have welcomed many non Stanhope Masons into our midst. At present we have members from three other Lodges although one will shortly be joining the Lodge, secretaries note, one way to get members while the others do come as guests to our meetings.

At present the LOI meets at the Greenwich Town Social Club every Tuesday between August and June at 7.30pm