The stanhope lodge


Grand Officers

19361949 John Edwin Reed Past Grand Standard Bearer
19491961 John Edwin Reed Past Asst. Grand Director of Ceremonies
19501973 George P. Hobdell Past Grand Standard Bearer
19901999 Stanley Tuckman Past Grand Standard Bearer
1999 -           Stanley Tuckman Past Asst. Grand Director of Ceremonies

               Holders of Senior London Grand Rank

Frederick Arthur Harrison Martin Thomas Hayes Ray H Brooke (joininmg member)
Roy Charles Mansfield Albert Morris Morgan Ronald Kennard
Charles Alfred Warman Tudor John David Morgan Russell Neale

                   Holders of London Grand Rank

John Archer Smith George Arthur Crome Arthur Hall Keith Osborne
John Jenkins Sydney Edward Chubb William George Biggs Raymond Howard Tish
Arthur J. Kestin Clinton Moore Charles Frederick Berry Harold Haydn  Sternschuss  (Joining Member)
Thomas Sloman Eric Mendel John Pitt Tudor John David Morgan
Samuel P. Wilkinson Joseph James Hill Stanley Tuckman Brian Robert Coull
Frederick J. Childs Charles Brown William Stanley Nicholls Ronald Kennard
John Ring Elias Garfield Hughes Richard Waterhouse Russell Neale
John Edwin Reed Herbert George Evans Roy Charles Mansfield Kevin Richard Moody
Albert George Jenkins Sidney Alfred Winston Charles Alfred Warman  John Connor (from 975)
George Alfred Crome Albert Charles F. May Victor Charles Berry Michael James Callaghan
Ernest Martin Frederick Arthur Harrison Martin Thomas Hayes Simon Tony Sternschuss
Thomas William Sloman Walter Reginald Freestone Albert Morris Morgan Stuart R Brooke   (Joining Member)
John Boss George Charles Farina William John Brown Jonathan Mark Kennard
George Payne Hobdell Harold Royston Browne Thomas George Cobbett Abbas Bakhtiary
George Chaplin Francis Charles Henry Harden Michael John Willicombe Stephen Lovelock

Honorary Membership

It was customary for the Lodge to give the organist if a member an honorary status in lieu of payment. I have however not included these worthy brethren in the list. The list is still under research as much of what is written takes time to decipher.

1905 Jas Chas Ring 1970 George Payne Hobdell 2014 W Bro B Spicer
1945 George Alfred Crome 1977 George Charles Farina    
1946 John Boss 2000 John Pitt    
1953 John Edwin Reed 2003 Charles Warman    
1953 Albert George Jenkins 2013 Raymond Howard Tish    

Many of our members are or have been also active in the Districts and Provinces as well as in other UGLE approved Grand Lodges.

W Bro R H Tish LGR PPJGD (Spanish Constitution - Baleric Islands)     
W Bro R Mansfield SLGR PPGSwdB (West Kent)
W Bro A M Morgan SLGR PPSGD (West Kent)
W Bro M T Hayes SLGR PPGSwdB (Surrey)
W Bro B R Coull LGR PPGSuptWks (Surrey)
W Bro T J D Morgan SLGR PPGReg (Surrey) PPGReg (West Kent)